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How Companies Profit By Giving Workers What They Want

Lessons learned from 840 companies and 13 million employees!

Employee engagement surveys show that nearly all employees are enthusiastic when they’re hired but in just a few months, often less than six, morale begins to decline sharply. What happens to tamp down this enthusiasm in most companies? The prime offender is management and this material will illustrate what management does to demotivate employees and what they can do differently. The presented conclusions and solutions are drawn from the responses of over 13 million employees to census surveys of their work attitudes and detailed case studies drawn from over 840 companies.

Enthusiastic Employees:

  • Work and produce significantly more than required
  • Volunteer for difficult assignments
  • Search for ways to improve things
  • Encourage and help co-workers perform better
  • Welcome, rather than resist, needed change
  • Work with customers in ways that drive delight and profits
  • Advocate for the company and its products and services

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