Our Technology

An industry-leading technical platform with self-service options

Powered by Confirmit, the industry’s technology leader

All Small Cap Survey & Consulting products are powered by Confirmit. The Confirmit Platform provides complex organizations with a simple way to hear the voices of their employees, customers and markets. They provide the technical platform for an overwhelming number of global consulting firms that conduct assessment.

Small Cap Survey & Consulting’s Industry Leading Technical Platform

Organizational Coding Technology

Integrated Multi-platform Administration Site

Interactive Report Delivery Site

Action Planning Technology

Powerful User Interface (standard and custom solutions)
  • Real-time web enabled survey
  • Interactive web reports
  • Interactive reporting and text analytics
  • Integrated action planning tool
  • Action plan monitoring
Strong Technical Components
  • Hierarchy management
  • Integrated, multi-platform data collection with real-time response rate reporting
  • Data warehouse
  • Built in QC

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