Leadership Team Effectiveness

Without team cohesiveness there can be no team effectiveness!

A facilitated, data-driven process that uses a big mirror for change

Ask about our team- and individual-level assessments and our roadmaps for change!

Develop Deeper Awareness of Self and Others
  • Develop clear understanding of innate comfort zones and biases
  • Goal is building capacity for versatility when dealing with other team members
  • Classic 360 feedback methods available as well
Gain Better Understanding of Existing Executive Team Relationships
  • Often cover: Trust, Achievement, Accountability, Engagement /  Commitment, Conflict, etc.
  • Map the invisible but present informal relationship among team members around 4-5 critical attributes
Take Action
  • Process is rapid and not overly consumed with relationship- building
  • Tangible activities drive lessons home: personal bios, conflict resolution techniques, balance scorecard development, clear accountability, public goal setting, etc.
  • Ask about our one-of-a-kind leadership learning experience available for individuals and corporations.

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