Engagement Surveys

Why should we even care if managers and employees are engaged?

Tailored Engagement Surveys

Because the more engaged they are with their hearts and minds, the more loyal and effective they will be. In fact, our founder’s research efforts have shown that improvements in employee engagement levels are directly and indirectly related to improvements in quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance. Further, highly talented employees are more likely to both join your company and stay when given a choice. Even the number of personal days used and safety incidents are often less!

Best-in-class companies assess employee attitudes regarding their work, team, manager, function, and company—and then take action!


Now, you can use the same tools (item-banks, analyses, reports) and receive the same senior-level consultative advice (training, recommendations and best- practices) on how to implement change as larger companies do for a fraction of what they pay!


Review our tailored survey process, or to learn more please contact us. Our consultants are happy to spend time with you discussing your situation!


Popular Engagement Survey Questions

Cognitive/Intellectual: what employees think about their company
  • Considering everything I’m satisfied with XYZ at the present time.
  • I am continuously thinking of new and better ways of doing things to help XYZ succeed.
  • I feel a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for the success of XYZ.
  • I understand how what I do supports XYZ’s purpose/mission.
Affective/Emotional: how employees feel about their company
  • I am proud to work for XYZ.
  • I care about the future of XYZ.
  • I get a feeling of personal accomplishment from my work.
  • I am enthusiastic about my future with XYZ as a place to work.
  • At XYZ, I feel inspired to perform my best.
Behavioral Intent: how employees act in relation to their company
  • I am willing to go beyond what is normally expected to help XYZ be successful.
  • I would recommend XYZ to my friends as a great place to work.
  • I intend to be working for XYZ two years from now.
  • I would stay at XYZ, even if I were offered a comparable position with similar pay and benefits at another company.