Employment Brand Development

Are you a destination-employer? Or destination avoider?

Developing an Employment Value Proposition

Why would employees come to work for you when they have choice? And why will the most talented stay when presented with an opportunity to leave? Being clear-minded about your employment brand and promises-delivered is crucial in the war for talent!


Establish the “Deal” in Practice


Identify the Existing Gaps


Reframe the “Deal”


Test New Offering


Develop New Employment Brand


Train Recruiters


Measure and Track Success

Crucial for the War for Talent!

Any good value proposition will include the basics and unique elements that make it more desirable than other available “offers” in the marketplace

Attracts Like-minded Job Candidates

By including what successful or model employees want and experience

Creates a Culture Promise

Offers values/cultural advertisement (often consequences for false advertising)

Supports Existing Branding

Should be consistent with corporate image

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