Culture Surveys

A sound business strategy will be defeated by a weak culture every time!

Culture Drives Employee Engagement!

The greatest factors in strategy execution are culture and employee engagement. But what is culture? It is simply leadership’s deeply held values and beliefs about their people manifested in what those employees experience day-to-day. It is the invisible architecture, the DNA of the organization—the policies, processes, procedures that creates the observable work environment. Culture drives employee engagement and is a key element of your employment brand! Employee engagement is culture’s canary in the coal mine.

There are weak and strong cultures, customer-oriented and money-driven cultures, partnership and paternalistic cultures, adversarial and transactional cultures, and the list goes on.

Some work better than others and we can help you diagnose and change the needed aspects of yours! Now, you can use the same tools (item-banks, analyses, reports) and receive the same senior-level consultative advice (training, recommendations and best-practices) on how to implement change as larger companies do for a fraction of what they pay!

Organizational Cultures

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