We Provide Assessment Tools and Consulting to Drive Growth and Profit for Our Clients

Our tools identify and eliminate the key obstacles to strategy execution, employee performance and retention. Such obstacles are often self-inflicted wounds that derive from the choices, attitudes, and behavior of management and the day-to-day expressions of a company’s true values (e.g., the culture).

Action-oriented Surveys | Bottom-line Impact

Assessing company-wide culture, team effectiveness, and individual attitudes (engagement levels, plus innate characteristics and traits) then acting those insights leads to the greatest opportunity for organizational change. Pain points (money, effort, time) have often prohibited many companies from following such best practices. Our state-of-the-art technology makes these tools finally available for small cap companies.

With Small Cap Survey & Consulting, if you commit to one census survey you receive two related pulse surveys for free (our 3 for 1).

The greatest factors in strategy execution are culture and employee engagement.

A sound business strategy will be defeated by a weak culture every time! We can help you diagnose and improve your culture and employees’ behavior. Our time-tested, research-verified, data-driven method for driving change in organizations yields results in under 6 months. These best-in-class resources have rarely been affordable to small cap companies until now.

Deep Consulting Expertise

We help you focus on identifying and removing the key obstacles to strategy execution, employee performance and retention. Our data-driven consulting process focuses on quick wins and insights and long-term sustainable change. Our methods work!  Whether your a small- or large-cap business, we have the consulting experience to support you.

Small Cap Survey & Consulting

Our business model enables us to serve both small cap market (approximately 500-2,500 employees) and large cap markets. Using data-driven assessments followed by clear recommendations, our senior-level consultants with decades of experience will guide you every step of the way. We measure success by actions taken and impacts felt consistent with our client-centered philosophy focused on change.

Douglas A. Klein, Founder

Doug is an industrial/organizational psychologist with nearly 30 years of thought leadership and global HR consulting experience rooted in organizational survey and assessment, analytics and action. He has directly or indirectly managed surveys in over 400 companies covering more than 9 million employees. Combining a unique blend of quantitative and consultative problem-solving skills, Doug specializes in helping the C-suite uncover and overcome organizational obstacles to dramatically improve employee engagement, enable a high-performing sustainable culture, drive and manage needed change, develop effective management behaviors and practices, and build conflict resolution methods and tools. An engaging keynote speaker, Doug is a published writer and co-author of The Enthusiastic Employee 2nd Edition (2013).

Douglas A. Klein speaking at a commencement event held for the leadership program he co-facilitates with Henry Givray as part of Leadership’s Calling®, a uniquely powerful leadership learning experience (www.leadershipscalling.com).

Broad-based Industry Experience | Recognized Expertise

Our people have managed surveys in over 400 companies covering more than 9 million employees while driving action!

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Small Cap Survey & Consulting

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